Trajectory Coaching was created out of a passion in my life to help others and when the five steps are completed you will realize your potential and maybe rediscover your passions.

• Is your life being thrown off course?
• Is there something or someone holding you back?
• Do you need help staying on your path to succees? 

In every person's life there is a touch of leadership so what kind of leader are you?

Did you Know?

• 50% of small businesses fail during the first year.
• 90% of all small businesses do not make it past 2 years.
• 50% of businesses that make it past 2 years will not be in business in five years.

Trajectory Coaching is here to help you succeed with personal and professional coaching through the Five Steps for Leadership Effectiveness:

1. Leading with Your Life
2. Clarifying Top Priorities
3. Developing S.M.A.R.T. Goals
4. Empowering Others
5. Maximizing Strengths 
Trajectory Coaching can and will help you find more success in business and in life.

My clients are Small Business Owners, Managers, Sales Professionals, Veterans, Athletes and anyone in a leadership role